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Every website has the essential task of procuring engagement from a targeted customer base with a brand. Our approach to SEO is to make the engagement happen by holding the attention of anyone reaching your site. People find what they are looking for using search engines such as Google or Bing. If your website has the right SEO, it will be placed higher on the ranking, and it will become one of the top options for people to visit.

Too many agencies are quick to label themselves as the “Best SEO Company In Jaipur” but you need to figure out on your own how SEO works before having someone else explain it to you.

Keyword Search

Every case deserves study. We make a complete study of the keywords preferred by your customer base as well as the ones that can favor you against your competitors.

Competitive Analysis

By doing a thorough and complete analysis about your brand, we can get a clear idea about the strategy that is best suited in your business niche along the strengths and weakness you may find as you build your presence.

Link Building

We make sure that your brand gets the proper exposure by using links placed strategically across the web in sites that might be affiliated with your business niche by association.

Web Marketing Analytics

By using Web Analytics, we can see the performance of your strategy in real time and use the data to optimize and maximize your campaign and improve your presence in the social spectrum of the internet the way it favors your business the most.

About This Service

As a Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur we to be able to manage your content by following the basic structures of SEO and by adding our personal take to make your marketing campaign as unique an effective as possible. We rely on the use of traditional tools and our experience as expert users of SEO, the use of social networks, the management of data provide by Analytics to create a commanding presence only that will be noticed and ranked by the ever eluding algorithms of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Optimized Websites
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What Drives Great Results for your Website

It’s all related to the quality of the content offered on a website. Take a moment to think about it: when was the last time you performed a single search for content on a unique topic with different wording and got vastly different results? Wording matters, excellent and relevant content matter.

A solid SEO strategy will have optimization as an ongoing goal. Optimization means a single thing: your website must be easy to access from every single point of view. It doesn’t have to do with design alone.

Page Optimization

  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Image compression without affecting the quality
  • Optimization of load times by avoiding cluttering
  • Creation of catchy and easy URL that everyone can remember

Internal Site Audit

  • Revision of indexes websites
  • HTLM Framework for the site
  • Review of Issues
  • Optimization for Mobile Devices

Content Marketing

  • Planning about types of content
  • Creation of content
  • Interaction and socialization on social media
  • Optimization of existing content

Technical SEO

  • Revision and distribution of internal Budget
  • An archetype for Link-Structure strategy
  • Review of the sitemap
  • Overall improvement of page speeds

Case Studies

As a top-rated SEO Services in Jaipur, we aim to offer professional treatment to any business. We will always go for more than one single strategy on social media. Our philosophy is that a good SEO strategy will have you in every social platform where your presence is worth to have. These following are some of the case studies we have done for our clients.

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