Message From CEO:
Hello to all our clients and potential prospects, I take extreme delight to share that in our tryst with digital marketing, we have attained a lot of insights and many experiences. Apart from pioneering the procedure of insight based digital strategies, we always aim at finding the mid ground for our clients. The intelligent data delivered through our content research has helped us create many marketing campaigns for our clients. We wish to keep this journey on with our clients for long associations! 🙂

We are team of Digital Pros
At Web Settlor, we are always learning as our client database grows. While the core concepts of our products remain the same, we ensure that every single client gets a custom approach. It is our team’s specialty to provide you with a representative who has the understanding and expertise of your field perfectly.
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Our Executive Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise
and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Mark Liuw

General Manager

Angela Kwang

Chief Operating Officer

Nina Sherwood

Senior Digital Strategist

Cherlyn Long

Managing Director

Amy Cutter

Head of Technical SEO

Mark Porter

Head of Content

Matt Hopson

Senior SEM Manager

Laura Brady

SEO Consultant
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